Monday, August 30, 2010

Could it be...spring is in the air?

Ah, I reckon it's quite possible that spring has sprung! Jesse and I went on a lovely afternoon walk today and then relaxed in the park. We just vegged out on the grass and enjoyed the warm sun on our faces. It was sooooo nice!

Steve joined us after work and then we all vegged out some more. Good times.
Pretty things are blooming all over the city, everywhere I go. I definitely think spring has made an entrance...
...and I couldn't be happier! It feels like good timing to be job hunting and starting the next chapter in my life. A change in season always feels like the right time to make some lifestyle changes as well. Everything just feels so new and fresh and alive!


Tracey said...

Again, crazy, upside down. Us, not you! I'm sure. We are eagerly waiting for Fall! Yeah.

Tracey said...

Cari, me again. Do you have an e-mail attached to your blogger persona? I'll go check again, but if not, would you feel comfortable e-mailing me at


Nick and Mariana Vona said...

Good luck with the job hunt Cari!
I hope you find something that you truly like and that will allow you to be more relaxed.

HulaBuns said...

Good luck on the job search! Beautiful pictures! Fall is just starting for us, so we'll have lots of color soon from the leaves changing. :)