Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday night pizza!

Ah, a great way to kick off the weekend and spend a very chilly winter's evening...a Friday night pizza party with my boys in my pjs! This is without a doubt the best gluten free pizza with goat cheese I have ever eaten! If you're in Melbourne and on a restricted diet, Versachi's Pizzeria in South Yarra makes fabulous gluten free pizza and even offer soy cheese as a dairy free option. Gotta love that!


MacPurdys said...

Just did a quick read about your ironman Steve. Great job!!!

Vince said...

My Jess has as a Hound a Voice.
But what she does when I'm eating a meal is nudge me. What I don't get though is her insistence on eating the weird concoctions I produce. Moroccan-Mexican with a Ginger spin. Dogs should turn up their noses at these concoctions.

Cari said...

yes they will eat anything! jesse eats everything and i mean EVERYTHING except raw celery. very strange!