Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Jesse's not having a good day.

Jesse has spent the entire day looking completely miserable, sleeping on a pile of dirty clothes I had planned on washing. He ate a tub of Vaseline yesterday while I was out. This is the second time he's done this in his lifetime. He obviously really likes it. I have been using it as lip balm before bed and accidentally left the tub on my nightstand. He must have sniffed it out and managed to chew through the hard plastic cover and container and then proceeded to have himself quite a snack.
I decided to leave the laundry for today and let him have his rest. It beats having a dog with a very greasy bum snoozing on our bed! Not sure what it is about laying on the laundry, but he'll only leave the pile long enough to have a drink of water and go outside, always returning to the same lazy spot.
He's so depressed looking that it's bringing me down! I tried explaining to him that it's his own fault for overindulging in such unhealthy substances but he didn't seem to want to hear it.
Before you feel too sorry for him, feel bad for us! Steve was up at 5 am cutting off nearly all of Jesse's bum hair because it had become a greasy slip and slide through the night. I've cleaned up two piles of dog vomit already today and have been stuck at home puppy-sitting in case he needs to get outside in a hurry. Seriously, the things we do for our pets, eh?

Okay, fine, let's go back to feeling sorry for Jesse now because it really, truly is pretty sad to see him so under the weather :(


Vince said...

They will eat anything they smell on your mouth.
The poor little fellow.

When my one gets a thorn in her pads she will limp up to me and whine a little to get it out.

Vince said...

Actually sometimes she will do the thorn thing. The limping/moaning, and then the helpless flop with the offending paw up in the air.
And nothing, nothing.
I check all her pads, fore and aft. Then the joints. With her lookin with that no-iris look they can do.
Having checked her and finding nothing, tell her to get on with it. AND up the little madam gets, and off after all the new smells she goes.

Nick and Mariana Vona said...

Awww, poor Jesse!!
He looks so sad =(
I hope he feels better soon..
And yes, all we do for our pets and more!
Yay for the pets =)

Tracey said...

Oh poor Jesse. But, you shouldn't eat that stuff either you know.

If you are giving up sugar and wheat and dairy and all sources of digestible fun, shouldn't you be a little more concerned about the quality of your lip balm? I am only mentioning it out of concern.

I have some stuff made out of olive oil and beeswax, but I am sure you can not get this particular kind in Australia. But you should be able to get something similar. And the good news for Jesse is that it comes in little tiny tubes.