Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend in review...

We had a pretty busy weekend planned. We celebrated our anniversary on Friday night, we were invited to our friends' house for dinner on Saturday night and Steve was going to do a 5 hour mountain bike race today, with me cheering him on. That always means a very early start to our Sunday. Very early. Think 5 am, maybe earlier. Fortunately, cough, I mean unfortunately, we ended up having a very quiet weekend, with Steve getting sick with the cold that everyone living in Melbourne seems to have at the moment. I had it last week but was still very happy to take it easy this weekend. I'm exhausted these days and really run down. It was nice to have an excuse to just chill out! Poor Steve, he doesn't look well in this photo!
So, instead of being on the go, we ate pancakes...
...and sipped lots of lemongrass and ginger tea with honey. My current tea obsession.
Jesse was not happy with the choice of lazy weekend and decided barking at us non-stop as we tried to watch movies and relax would be the best option. It worked on Saturday, when I dragged my sorry butt off the couch and out for a walk but didn't fly today. Today, lazy won.
However, by this evening, I was feeling the need to do something productive and opted for baking a carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and a nice glass of red:)
Steve felt a bit better too and made us his signature Indian dish, which just so happens to be delicious. Jesse thinks so too, and since we didn't get him out today and I felt guilty, he got a few more tastes than usual;)

PS. Never ever watch the movie When in Rome. It was by far the worst movie I've seen in a very long time. Just so you know. Don't watch it. Ever.

What did you guys do over the weekend? Anything special?


Visible Voice said...

Love that photo of you in the kitchen. Looks like its from a magazine.

Lorianne said...

Was the movie better or worse than "Nine Months"???