Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Ugly Truth...

I'm actually watching that movie as I write this post and it seemed fitting!
So...I have a confession to make. I think I may have accidentally given you the impression that I'm capable of making soup from scratch. You know, hard core scratch, like something grandmas and zen like mothers who sew all their children's clothes do. While, I do more than open a can and pour it in the pot, it's not the kind of homemade soup that involves boiling bones or even cooking my own chicken. It is yummy though and simple. I'm all about simple! So, if you are too, here's the "recipe" (I just make it up) that I make...

Step 1: Chop up garlic and brown onion. Throw it in a pot with a bit of olive oil and cook it until soft, mixing with a cute wooden spoon:)

Step 2: Add chicken broth. I buy a healthy, all natural one, with reduced salt. I throw that in and bring it to an easy boil. Then I add whatever I have for veggies and however many I want. The batch I just made had carrots, parsnips, and celery. I also chop up and throw in lots of fresh thyme.

Step 3: Add a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper. That always makes me feel like I know what I'm doing! A cute apron also helps!

Step 4: After the veggies have been gently boiling for about 5 minutes or so, I throw in about a 1/2 cup of rice. I let everything simmer for another 10 minutes or so, uncovered. Time will vary, I just kind of wing it.

Step 5: When there's about 5 minutes left to go with the cooking, I throw in the chicken. I buy one of those cooked chickens at the supermarket, chop it up in smallish pieces while it's still warm and voila! I told ya...simple!

Step 6: Test veggies to see if they're cooked the way you like. I like mine a little tiny bit crunchy-ish. I let it sit for a few minutes but to be honest, I have no idea why, it just seems like a professional like thing to do. Maybe don't worry too much about this part!

Step 7: Scoop soup in a cute bowl and enjoy! If I'm really feeling motivated I make homemade biscuits to go with it. That's where my true heart lies...baking!

Hope you don't think less of me now that you know my true culinary abilities!:)


Visible Voice said...

I definitely think the cute tips are going to help me in my journey to successful soup making in the future. And why in the sam heck didn't I think to get a cooked chicken. Those always taste the best in soups. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Cari, you are too cute. You can even make soup sound fun. Feel better. Sorry I missed your call, I have missed talking to you.

Love Pippy CS

Tracey said...

Honey, (may I call you Honey?), where I come from, that home made soup. If you chopped stuff and mixed stuff together that wasn't together before, you are cooking from scratch.

There is no great talent in making stock or broth and it is time consuming. So, unless you have a bird carcass you would like to use, there are several wonderful packaged options. (At least here in the states.) Always use a low salt version though, because it will be too salty when it cooks down, if you don't.

I wish I could get sick and just lay around on the couch. I could get sick, but moms don't get to take a 'sickie'.

Tracey said...

I left out an 'is' in that first sentence. But you get the idea.

heather said...

i am gonna try the soup cari.. thanks..:)

Lorianne said...

Sounds pretty from scratch to me.