Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally...the Sydney pictures!

We had a really fantastic time in Sydney a few weekends back with Darryl, Stacey and the kids. It was great to catch up with them before they moved back to Canada and really nice to tour and explore Sydney. That's the Sydney Opera House behind us in this picture.

Bumming around the city...

(Darryl getting proposed to...)

Taking the water taxi to the Opera House...
(Wow! The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House!)
(on the steps of the Opera House)


Anzac Day Parade...

A girl who put herself into a box and then made us feel so guilty about giving money that we each gave her $10...

(told a box)


(Steve on kid patrol)

Great times! But I have to say, I like Melbourne better than Sydney. Which is fortunate, seeing as I live in Melbourne:)

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Clotilde said...

I love your hair when it's dark Cari!