Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love you like crazy cakes!

Steve and I watched the documentary, Alone Across Australia, last night. It's about a guy named Jon Muir who in 2001 walked across Australia (2500 km) in 128 days, living off the land for survival. He was accompanied by his beautiful Jack Russell, Seraphine, with a population of only 100 people on the entire route. It's a very inspiring story of inner strength but for me, more than anything else, it was the relationship between him and his dog that still makes me teary eyed now as I write this. The love and loyalty they shared made my heart ache. Sadly, the devoted pooch didn't complete the journey, dying of what was thought to be poison left for dingoes. I seriously woke up every hour last night thinking about that dog and couldn't get her out of my head! I was devastated when she passed away in the film. Think really ugly cry. It's really unhealthy how emotionally attached I get to things I watch! Seriously though, I think any dog lover would understand. I'm so grateful for the loyal pup of my own, snoozing at my feet after our lovely evening walk around our neighborhood. He really does help to make gray days better. As I tell my kids at kindergarten, "I love my dog Jesse like crazy cakes!" xo

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Hey guys,

The birthday sounded great Cari - very nice spa. Hope you had a wonderful time. And welcome to the 30's!!!! :)