Monday, May 17, 2010

My 30th birthday...

I've previously mentioned that Steve really spoiled me on my birthday, but I haven't yet given the details, so here goes! I woke up to a really adorable card (a monkey giving me a hug) and was told we'd be spending the entire day at a spa on the Mornington Peninsula (about an hour outside the city). Of course, I was ecstatic! That is just my-kind-of-thing!

We went to a spa called, Woodman Estate Day Spa, where we were treated like absolute royalty for 8 full hours. We were greeted at the door and shown to a beautiful table by the fireplace for breakfast, complete with a bottle of champagne. I've never had champagne for breakfast before, so that was exciting! There was a buffet and a breakfast menu. I ate from both!

It was pouring down rain when we arrived, which made my day. I love rain and a rainy Wednesday at a spa just seemed perfect.The estate grounds were beautiful. You can walk
around them, take a stroll around the lake, or just sit down and enjoy. It was such a serene place.

After brekky, we wandered over to the spa where we enjoyed a 30 minute sea salt scrub, a shower and then a 90 minute relaxing massage. Complete bliss. Have I mentioned that we were the only people there? It was so quiet and removed from the rest of the world!

Even Steve enjoyed it! After our massage, we were taken to our room, complete with a 4 poster bed and a gigantic spa tub, which they had filled with water and oils. More bliss.

After a swim in the tub, we opened the door to the room and found a lovely lunch table for two. The food was incredible! I had the risotto and Steve had the fish of the day. Dessert was just as yummy and just as fancy. Of course, they served wine too!

Then we relaxed. I actually fell asleep!

After a lovely snooze, we were escorted back to the spa room where we had the best facial I have ever had (wow!) AND an amazing hand and foot treatment. Steve fell asleep during the foot treatment and I almost did. I don't even really like having my feet rubbed, but seriously, this was fabulous!

After our treatments, we took showers, enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea on massage chairs and took a stroll around the property. I really liked the cows, but they weren't too crazy about me. Holy noisy cows! Crankypants.

The sun came out just in time for our drive home, dinner at a place just near our house that we've been wanting to try and of course...

Cake! Yes, this candle says "Birthday Boy". It was the only candle in the house. Boys don't think about candles and that's okay because he thought about everything else. Thanks Babe for making my 30th so special and one I'll never forget! xo

Did I mention that it was complete bliss? Just in case, I'll say it again. My birthday was complete and total bliss!

A big thanks to Steve's Mom for the lovely birthday card and gift I received in the mail. It was so nice to get mail from home for my birthday! Thanks again! Also, thanks again to those who sent facebook messages, emails and cards. It meant so much! xo


Visible Voice said...

Holy Wow! I don't think many husbands would do that....or think of that. Way to go Steve.

Anonymous said...

You are a very, very, very lucky girl. Steve, you should start a business teaching others how it is done.


Nick and Mariana Vona said...

It sounds like the perfect day!!
Glad to hear you had a wonderful B'day =)!

Lorianne said...

Someone should remind Craig that I have a 30th birthday coming up... Well done Steve!

Tracey said...

What a perfect day. I loved it all the way from here. It is the kind of day childless couples have. (Yes that is envy talking.)

Happy 30th.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cari !
and from now on it's
Happy 29th.....right?

Glad you had a Super Day....
( good on you too Steve )

Joe & Kathy