Sunday, May 30, 2010

Feeling loved...

Have you ever read the "When I Feel..." series to your kids? They are written by Cornelia Maude Spelman and talk about emotions ranging from "When I Feel...sad to angry to jealous, etc... They are fabulous books for teaching children that all feelings and emotions are okay, and how they can express their feelings in a healthy way. Plus, from my experience, the kids love them and seem to just soak them up! The other day at work, I read "When I Feel Loved" to my group of 4 and 5 year olds. As usual, it lead to a lovely discussion, and when I asked them when they feel loved, one little girl responded..."I feel loved when you give me a cuddle." Well, if that doesn't melt your heart, nothing will and ya know what, isn't it the truth? Who doesn't feel loved when they get a good hug or snuggle from someone they care about? This little moment helped to remind me to always make time for cuddles, because not only does it make the people in my life feel loved, but it makes me feel pretty darn good too!:)

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Anonymous said...

Cari, thank you so much for the necklace. It was so thoughtful! You always come up with the best things. I love it. I am enclosing a hug so you feel loved also. I have tried to make this a very comfortable, relaxed hug for you so you do not imagine you are hugging a telephone pole.(my usual type of hug as you know)

All for now,

Pippy CS
Enclosure (1) (Warm hug from your sister - sent with lots of love)