Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the eve of my 30th birthday...

...I can't help but reflect on the past decade. Wow. My 20s were pretty incredible! Lots of really happy and really sad moments. Lots of ups and lots of downs. All and all, no regrets. I live a pretty darn good life, I must say.
(The last picture of me in my 20s!)

Here's a few of the most memorable moments of my 20s...

~ Steve and I moved in together for the first time.
~ We got Jesse, the complete love of my life. I mean, besides Steve of course!:)
~ My Dad passed away. I was there when it happened. Definitely a moment in time I will never, ever forget.
~ I graduated university.
~ I moved to Montreal.
~ Steve and I had a long distance relationship for 8 long months.
~ I married my soul mate.
~ My Grandpa Henley passed away. I flew home for the funeral. It cost me a lot at the time but was worth every penny.
~ I moved to Brisbane, Australia.
~ I moved to Melbourne, Australia.
~ My Grandma Gillmore passed away. I couldn't be at the funeral and that broke my heart. I visited her grave when I finally made it home and said my goodbyes.
~ I traveled a lot.
~ I met wonderful, truly amazing people. People that have inspired me, laughed with me, cried with me, gossiped and been silly with me. People that will be friends in my heart forever.
~ I worked as a waitress, a cashier at Sobeys (supermarket), an early childhood educator, a fit model for Suzy Shier, a receptionist in a holistic medicine clinic, an assistant director for an after school care program and a kindergarten teacher. I worked a lot of jobs!
~ I gained 10 pounds.
~ I bleached my hair. I dyed my hair red. I dyed my hair brown. I chopped it off super short and grew it long. I changed my hair a. lot.
~ I started this blog. This online journal of my life.

It's been a pretty amazing last 10 years and as much as I grumble, I'm sure the next 10 will be just as adventurous. So, let's bring it on!:)

Steve and I both have the day off work tomorrow and he's got something planned. I have no idea what it is, and I can't even begin to tell you how much it's making me crazy! Be back sometime soon, with all the details!


Visible Voice said...

It's confusing because it's not your birthday for me but I think it's your birthday now for you so Happy Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 30th Birthday,Dupie!

Make a wish! I wish you a happy day and I just know your thirties will be a lot of fun. We think of you lots and also miss you lots. I want you to have a special drink today and know we are thinking of you. Who would think our 12 lb baby with the squished face could be 30 already. Wow!!!!


Clotilde said...

You did very well in your 20s and I'm sure you'll do even better in your 30s!

Welcome to the club! ;)

Nick and Mariana Vona said...

Happy B'Day Cari!
and remember: enjoy the ride!
Mariana & Nick