Monday, April 19, 2010

The funny thing about homesickness...

Saturday when Steve and I stumbled upon the exciting imported goodies, I decided to pick myself up a Duncan Hines cupcake mix. It was expensive (think $10ish for one box) but it was one of those rainbow mixes that has the colorful bits of who-knows-what-they-are throughout it. You can't get those in Australia, in fact, it's only been recently that you can actually even buy mixes for cupcakes. I know, that's just crazy but totally true. So, I decided to make the cupcakes as a little treat for the girls at work tomorrow and BAM! right in the middle of making those cupcakes, I got incredibly homesick. It was just so comforting to read instructions that said to bake in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven, not a 200 degree Celsius one. To read instructions in cups and tablespoons, not grams. I didn't have to google a single quantity in one of those online measurement converter things!
Everything just felt so...familiar.
Not to mention, I had forgotten what the cupcake mixes at home are like. Seriously, these are the fluffiest, lightest, most tastiest cupcakes I've eaten in over 3 years! AND they had confetti bits, or rainbow bits, as I like to call them:)
Just look how perfectly raised and rounded each one is. How beautifully golden they are, with the pretty little crack over the tops. AND they made a perfect 12 cupcakes, unlike Aussie mixes that make an awkward amount, requiring you to bake 2 batches. Sigh. Seriously, the more I marveled, the more homesick I felt.
It's funny you know, birthdays can come and go, holidays, you name it and I'm fine. I accept that it's all just a part of choosing to live far away. But, you give me a $10 cupcake mix from North America and I'm wanting to call my Mom and chat for hours. I'm daydreaming of baking cupcakes in a cozy kitchen on a freezing cold snowy day in Canada.
Crazy, eh? But seriously, I'm tellin' ya...they are some darn good cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

Damn, those look good. You will have to come home to bake for us! You might as well come for a month next time!!

Tracey said...

I can get Duncan Heinz mix for $1. Seriously. One American Dollar. I could ship you a case for the price they are charging you.

And what is it with Australians and their odd batch sizes and no boxed mix? That's just crazy.

The Dickinsons said...

$1. That's just depressing!