Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter ears...

So after not much consideration and review, I have made an executive decision. Easter ears will be required at all future Dickinson Easter dinners, starting next year, so you may want to save yourself a few pennies and purchase some on sale this year. I've decided our dinner guests were just too cute to not wear them! See for yourself...
Okay, Amy was by far feeling the Easter ears spirit the most! Look at those little bunny paws!
Followed closely by Dan, who sported those blue ears like a champ!
I believe Rowan takes the prize for coolest bunny on the block.
Definitely the most adorable bunny award!
Ah...don't be shy little bunny!
You KNOW you love them! Oh yeah.
Ahhhhhhh bunnies in love.
Yes, a pair of Easter ears are most definitely going to be a dress requirement for next year. If you'd like, you can even wear 2 pairs, like the lovely Geoff has chosen to do in this photo.
Sorry Jesse, the ears are hanging around, but don't worry next year you'll have lots of company:)

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