Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well, once again the Henley/Dickinson luck strikes again. And by luck, I mean lack there of. With only 6 work days left, including today, I'm soon to be unemployed and looking for things to fill my time. Seeing as our laptop just broke and has to be sent away for 4 weeks, that time won't be filled with much blogging, emailing or job searching for that matter! Who knew I had come to be so internet dependent??? If I can take something positive out of this, I'll say, at least this way I'll be more motivated to get out and exercise, my number 1 goal for my unemployed ass. Steve and I started on the weekend, walking hardcore and playing tennis. My butt muscles are feeling it today, which is good, considering that's where I want to tone up the most. Hopefully, with more time to cook, I can find some healthy recipes (although not on the net!) and feel fit as a fiddle in no time! Please just don't let everyday feel as hot as yesterday! The temperature was reading 35 degrees Celsius inside our apartment. Brutal.
Right now, we're trying to plan our camping trip for the upcoming long weekend (St. Jean Baptist in Quebec), however, we haven't been able to confirm our reservation because the entire Ontario Parks system is down. Yup, Steve and I definitely don't have any horse shoes shoved in any unfortunate places ;)

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