Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We saw a moose! A little too up close actually. She jumped out of the woods, about 3 feet from the bumper of our moving car! Fortunately, Steve wasn't going that fast! After the shock wore off, we backed up and got this pic. Man moose are big.
Vegas thinks he's a lap dog. He's cuddling here with Marc.
This was taken on the hike that Steve and I did around one of the lakes (4.5 km). A really nice hike. Beautiful scenery.
There is a 300 ft. cliff (gorge) and a hiking path follows along it. The view was amazing. The pics really don't do it justice.
Another pic of the gorge, taken from the top. It really surprised me that there was no guardrail! There was a sign however warning that falls would be fatal. Very comforting.
Steve and Jes swimming together. Man Jesse was a tired puppy!
Me. Jes is in the water swimming ( he loves the water!)
Steve chillin' out.

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