Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Steve and I are pretty excited for our big first camping trip of the season! We went to Canadian Tire last night and bought some stylin' new camping gear. We each got a pair of very sexy water shoes and mosquito net hats. Yup, we're going to look so cool out there!!!;) We're staying at my cousin's house (Kathy and Joe) on Thursday night in Ottawa to help cut down on the drive on Friday. The place where we're going is about 5 hours from Montreal, 3 hours past Ottawa. I'm a little worried about the wildlife. Apparently moose are very common there (I'd love to see a moose!) but so are bears. Steve was reading me the info they send on what to do if a bear comes into your campsite. Surprisingly, you're supposed to confront the bear and try to intimidate it. The more aggressive you are the better, so throw stuff, scream, jump up and down, whatever. Playing dead works only with grizzly bears, not black bears. Anyway, here's hoping that all bears stay a safe distance from our campsite!

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