Thursday, June 22, 2006

The vet's verdict

Yesterday I took Jesse to the vet to get his chipped tooth looked at. Looks like at best he'll need a root canal, and at worst, he'll need it extracted. There's only one specialist in the Montreal area that does this and even he travels between Quebec city and Montreal. Our vet said that it'll cost minimum $1000, but probably more like $1500. So, Steve called the dog insurance that we've been paying $50 a month to for 4 years and it turns out they cover a whopping $250. Great. Plus Jesse will need a consultation with the dog dentist, blood work with our vet and then the day surgery. AND the vet said, as soon as possible, as it will get very infected because the nerve is exposed. Poor puppy. Anyway, not exactly what we need right now, seeing as I'm about to be jobless in 4 days but what can ya do??? Jesse's worth it! It was so cute yesterday...Steve had Jes outside and I left to go to yoga and Jesse was crying after the car and trying to run after it! They really make you feel loved, that's for sure!


Hollie said...

I'd go to another vet. They are unbelievably overcharging you! Jesse doen't have to go to a dentist, she just needs to be put under anesthasia and the tooth pulled out. Realistically, it should cost less than a spay.

The Dickinsons said...

Really? I think I will speak to the vet and get a second opinion. Thanks Hollie!

Selena said...


I would check with the vet too on the pro's and con's of anesthaisa on dogs. Some animals don't do well under anesthasia. But always getting a second opinion is the best thing to do, even checking out three different vets is sometimes better. You can sometime be surprised with the different methods they use and the cost. I would do some research on all the methods that are possible and than pick the best one for jessie.