Sunday, June 11, 2006


So remember those cute but cheap sneakers I was going to buy? Well, it turned out that I ended up getting plain old boring sneakers that were pretty damn expensive, all because it was supposed to help me with the problem I have with my arch falling when I walk for any extended period of time. So, we went for a walk today (see me showing off the new shoes) and yup, no help at all. Problem still there. $200 later and I could have just bought those cute sneakers at Payless for $40 and got a second pair at half price. Sigh. I guess next I'll try the fancy insoles. Anybody have any thoughts on the falling arch thing? I can't be the only one with this dilemma!


Gizela Carrascal said...

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ntmb said...

yeah i have the same problem
your best bet is to hit a running shop and to buy arch supports (about $20) and to fit them under the bedding of the shoe liner..

works a treat... I have two broken feet (from Base jumping) and if i didn't have the insoles i'd not be able to walk :D

The Dickinsons said...

ouch! that sounds painful! i'm definitely going to try the insoles. thanks for the advice!