Monday, July 05, 2010

Toller de France

Stage One took the Tour de France from Rotterdam in Holland to Brussels in Belgium, a total of 224km. Early on in the race a dog decided he wanted to cross the road resulting in several riders crashing (see above pic of crash victims) ....

"David Millar and Ivan Basso were caught up in another crash when one of the Tour’s perennial cycling hazards—a dog—decided to cross the road. Millar and Basso were unharmed, although Millar did require some mechanical assistance on his bike and Basso needed new shoes.

The fate of the dog is unknown, although he wasn’t hit by any of the bikes, he almost certainly received a very stern “bad dog!” from an embarrassed owner."

The dog, in fact, was ok, and I was able to find pics of the offending puppy....does he look at all familiar? We're pretty sure its a Duck Toller.

At least it wasn't our Toller causing trouble, for once!...

Steve (bad dog) Dickinson

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