Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Funny how things change...

Just for fun, I looked back on our blog to see what we were doing exactly one year ago today. That's one of my most favorite things about having a blog, it's such a wonderful tool for documenting our memories and adventures! It struck me really funny how much things can change from one year to the next. Last year, we were indulging on thick shakes, chilli fries and hotdogs at an American diner near our house. I was feeling healthy, energetic and I really liked my hair color! This year, I'm on a very restricted food diet, trying really hard to get my energy up and my tummy feeling better. I guess this is exactly why they say to live life to the fullest, because those things we take for granted, like chilli fries and energy, might not always be the norm. Life has lots of ups and downs and remembering the ups during the down times can really help to keep you motivated! I'm trying to remember this as I eat my grapefruit when really, right about now, I'd love to be pigging down a plate of those chilli fries! What were you doing one year ago today?


Tracey said...

Okay, knowing that there is a place in Australia that serves "American" food, and that such food consists of milk shakes, chili fries and hot dogs, I find kind of comforting.

This is all very authentic, too. Which I find kind of embarrassing.

It is pretty obvious why here in America, even the poor people are fat.

Skate said...

It is funny how things change! A year ago I was recovering at home from my big knee surgery, injecting myself every night. We may not be able to predict much, but we can predict that life will bring change.

MacPurdys said...

Ah, I had to check our blog to see what we did one year ago! We had just experienced our first AFL game in Brisbane. And loved it!!

Hope you're enjoying your healthy food Cari. I've been drinking too much beer since I've been home so I'll have a beer belly soon!

And I just got myself caught up a bit with your blog...saw the date night and had to laugh...Steve is still obsessed with his iphone! Tell him to put the damn thing away! :)

Great chatting last night. Let's talk again soon!