Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Online Sewing Class

I've joined another online course. This one I am really excited about! I've been wanting to take a sewing class for awhile, one that can help me learn new skills and take my sewing to the next level. When I saw this one, I couldn't pass it up! The projects we will be making are listed here and here and each project preview specifies what skills/techniques you will be learning, everything from button holes to reading a pattern. The projects get harder as they go and from having taken one of this girl's classes before, I am confident the directions will be easy to follow. I can't wait to get sewing again and these projects look like they will really suit my style and home! What I like best is that you can work at your own pace, in the comfort of your own little craft room!

Anyone want to join with me? We could be sewing buddies:)


MacPurdys said...

K, I'm way behind again with your blog! I can't seem to keep up to date with it! Love the blue dress. Very nice. And what happened to your toe and leg??? You're hard on yourself!

Enjoy the sewing class!

Tracey said...

This looks like so much fun. So. Much. Fun. But I can barely keep the kids away from the computer, right now. I can't imagine what they would get up to if I took out the sewing machine.

Do post pictures of your projects.

Kaserine said...

I'm already looking into the sewing machine that they recommended.
This really looks like fun! :-)

Cari said...

Katie: Does this mean you are thinking of signing up for the course?:)

Kaserine said...

Yes Ma'am!
I found the sewing machine, and I'm picking it up this wknd! The course is perfect for an amateur like moi :-)

Cari said...

Yah! We can be sewing buddies!:)

Anonymous said...

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