Friday, July 23, 2010

Not a great week...

...for my limbs and toes. After the bike crash last week that left me covered in bruises, I've now managed to break my baby toe. Okay, I'm not sure it's broken, maybe it's just very sprained, but either way it's very sore! I stubbed it so hard on the vacuum yesterday (yes the one that I left lying in the middle of the living room while I went to do something else), that I felt nauseous from the pain. It swelled up to 10 times it's size and turned bright red. It looks a lot less swollen this morning (see pictures) but it's quite badly bruised and hurts like crazy to walk on it!
So, while the bruises on my legs may be better enough (okay, not really, I think they may actually look worse but I'm trying to be optimistic!) for the dress I plan to wear tomorrow night, the pain I feel when I wear shoes doesn't make wearing heels seem like an option. Seriously, is the universe trying to tell me not to go or does it just not want me to wear a pretty dress and strappy heels?!

1 comment:

Nick and Mariana Vona said...

It does looks broken Cari!
I would not recommend wearing heeln on it.... Try using a cute set of sandals and let it heal.