Friday, July 23, 2010


It's winter here in Melbourne but the city doesn't get snow. You can drive a couple of hours into the hills and see snow but a shocking amounts of Aussies have just never gone. Most adults that I chat with have never even seen snow, which I find so strange. So, it's not surprising that most children haven't played in snow either. Today at the outdoor shopping centre, they had a tiny little patch of snow (I'm thinking perhaps from the ice rink they just built nearby) and the children were having so much fun! It brought a smile to my face to see their excitement, some in complete shock at what it felt like. I felt for them though because most of them were dressed for a day shopping with Mom and not for playing in snow. Their little hands looked like they were freezing but they didn't seem to mind! Steve and I are planning a weekend away in the snow in August and after seeing how much fun the kids were having, I can't wait! I want to play in the snow! It's been too long. I will be sure to wear mittens and proper snow gear though. Cold hands are just not my thing!

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Tracey said...

A trip to the snow in August. Just the sound of it boggles the mind. Yours is an upside down world, my friend. Or, mine is. (I don't want to sound so northern-hemisphere-o-centrict.)

How's the tow? :)