Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our adventures in mountain biking...

Steve and I have gone mountain biking the last two Saturdays. It's been really amazing. It feel so good to have the energy back again to do such a thing, although, I am painfully out of shape! My fitness level definitely does not match my enthusiasm but I enjoy it so much, I'm happy go week after week and eventually I know I'll start to see improvement. It's just so relaxing and one of the only activities I do that I don't think about anything but what I'm doing. It's great!
We've been going to Lysterfield Park, where Steve has done his endurance mountain bike races. It's a beautiful park with well groomed trails and lots of kangaroos! Not just the little guys either, we saw some very big gray roos too! We only have our iPhones with us when we go, so pictures of the kangaroos are hard to get because they blend so well in their environment! Can you see that guy in the photo above?
There were actually lots eating grass in this area, so we stopped to watch. I never, ever tire of seeing roos! It's always an amazing reminder of the adventure we're living in Australia!
You can't see the kangaroos in this pic but there was a HUGE one and one with the most adorable baby joey in it's pouch. They're pretty relaxed around people and watch us as much we as we watch them.
Steve is so much fun to ride with. He's very patient (I'm very slow!) and gives me lots of tips on how to do stuff like get over big logs, which just so happens to be one of my favorite things...I love me a good challenge!:) We got very muddy on this ride, which made it all the more fun! I'd love to have an all pink mountain bike, covered in mud, how cool would that be?!
All was a success until...we were riding along the paved road back to the car park. Steve was ahead of me and he was standing up on his pedals. Before I go on, let's just note that I'm a bit clumsy on foot, so me on 2 wheels is even more risky! Anyway, so Steve is riding along and I can't help but think how cute his butt looked. He has a really cute butt! So, I decided to catch up, slap his bum and keep going. He'd never see it coming, it would be great. Well, Miss Uncoordinated Me sped up, got really close, but while concentrating on his butt, I totally misjudged and ran smack into the side of him! Our bikes collided, and before I knew what even happened, we were both laying smack in the middle of the road, our bikes a gigantic tangled mess! I even injured my dear sweet Steve and broke my bike! That's hardcore.
Although, I think my bruises win! hehe:) We actually had a pretty good laugh because Steve says to me, "What were you looking at??" after I collided with him and all I could say was, "Your butt. You have a really cute butt!" Ha! It definitely made for a pretty funny end to our day, although a wee bit painful! I did succeed at one thing though, Steve definitely never saw that coming!

I can't wait to go back next weekend!


Visible Voice said...

Okay the butt thing.....oh so worth it just to tell that story!

Dan said...


Shan said...

I love biking too! We bought bikes last year and had a great time together. I really miss biking this summer. It's not allowed when you're pregnant (at least not in your second and third trimesters) in case you fall off. Great story about your little bike accident! I'm glad you only had minor injuries. :o)

Clotilde said...

We were both laughing out loud reading this! Very funny story.

I am very pleased to read you are back riding your mountain bike. I hope you can get it fixed (I'm sure Steve can do that) so you get to go again!


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