Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Soulmate Friends

Do you have a soulmate friend?

You know, the kind of friend who you get along so well with that it couldn't possibly be a coincidence that you met, it had to be destiny?

You know the kind of friend that knew you when you looked like this...
That's me in the middle, the one with the ghostly white face. I'm wearing my banana bread sweater.

See, soulmate friends like you even when you wear sweaters that look like banana bread...

...and soulmate friends like you even though you nickname your sweater your "banana bread sweater"...for life.

Soulmate friends are the friends that you sat by in every single class, then rushed home to talk to on the phone about all the things you couldn't say in class.

Soulmate friends are the friends that sat beside you on your Minnie Mouse blanket, on your wee tiny residence bed when you first moved away from home, feeling as lonely as you did.

Soulmate friends made moving away not so scary after all.

Soulmate friends know you so well, they introduce you to your soulmate and later brag about it in a speech at your wedding.

Soulmate friends poke their head in your daycare classroom while you're working and say something silly like "you stink" at just the right moment. You know that moment when you think you might just burst into tears and run all the way home screaming. Instead, you just laugh.

When you think of your happiest memories...the kind that make you laugh out loud, a soulmate friend is always there.

When you think of some of your toughest times...the kind that make you a little sad, a soulmate friend is always there...just that this time they are listening, cheering you up and helping you move on.

Soulmate friends encourage you.

Soulmate friends inspire you.

Soulmate friends don't judge you, even when maybe, just maybe, they have the right to! They just help you get back on your path.

Soulmate friends have seen you at your worst, and like you anyway. They might even like you more.

Yes, I am very blessed to have many soulmate friends. Some I've known for decades, some I've known for only a short time. I hope to make more soulmate friends throughout my life...

But, this post is inspired by one particular soulmate friend...

Kristi and I became bestest buds in 9th grade math class, when she sat in front of me. She spent most of her time turning around in her seat chatting with me. Neither of us got very good grades in 9th grade math class.

But, it was wayyyy worth it:)

We've each gone our separate ways, and we don't get to talk as much as I'd like. But, that doesn't matter, when we do chat, it's just like we were back in 9th grade, giggling and bonding like nothing stands in our way.

I got this parcel yesterday from Kristi. A surprise-no-reason-just-'cause-parcel. It was full of Cari treasure. The kind of stuff a soulmate friend would know to send you...
It was the picture of Isaiah, Kristi's little turkey that made me smile the most. I've never met him, but I can tell I'd love hangin' out with him. After all, he's Kristi's son!

I interrupt this regularly scheduled post with a memory...

One of my favorite Kristi memories...driving around B'water in Kristi's Mom's car with Celine Dion turned up sooooo loud, us singing along at the top of our lungs! Ahhhhhhh:)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled post...

You know, soulmate friends don't just think of you, but your family too...

Jesse was pretty happy to get his gift...
This is not a joke...he wouldn't go out for a pee this morning unless I let him take it out with him!
He's been carrying it around ever since and won't sleep without it. I think he knows it's from Kristi. They bonded back in the day, when Kristi visited us in Montreal and Jesse ate her cookies:)

Thanks soulmate friend, Kristi! Life just wouldn't be the same without you in it! xo

PS. Steve also liked the Smarties but he ate them too quickly to be photographed! ;)

So, do you have a soulmate friend?

I hope so. I like to think that everyone has at least one. Life would be pretty darn lonely without them!


Visible Voice said...

OH my! What a ROLLER COASTER of emotions I've just had! First picture I was like...oh no...oh oh OH NO! Then I saw that picture of April beside you and friend...her face is white not yours...I remember her foundation! Then I kept reading and I'm like yeah that's my soulmate friend Cari....then I see it's me you're dedicating too and then I start to ugly cry. Ugly cry Cari! Not many can make me ugly cry! Then I felt relief because you got your package finally! The package I sent you almost a year ago originally, that came back...got an upgrade of stuff and has *PHEW* made it to you! Then I had a good giggle when I saw Jesse with his toy and then I got a little nervous like...oh no did the smarties not make it to Steve...crap! And then more relief because he did get them! Like I'm gonna need to go take a tylenol, kind of roller coaster. I LOVE it! Thanks friend...you know you're my soulmate friend...mainly because we've figured that out since 9th grade. And to all your fans...I still can't do math! xoxo Maybe we can talk this week? We go home for almost a month and leave on Monday...ok xo again. I'm gonna go read this...and I'll probably have to print it for my journal. xo again.

Sara said...

Awwwww.....what a great post

Lor said...

I love your banana bread sweater! It's one of a kind, just like you. Okay, sappy. Nice post... even if I have to side with your grade 9 math teacher. Just a little bit.

Kat said...

What a wonderful post! I LOVE THE PIC! Who used to say you stink? xox
P.S. Man, I laughed big time at Kristi's comment about "Ugly Cry".
Love the sweater too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves Kristi! No wonder she is your soulmate friend ~ she has always been so bubbly and fun.