Friday, July 24, 2009

5 Things I Love!

1. Fridays!!!

2. My new Polaroid Instant much fun!!!

3. This Roots Canada sweater I just ordered online...

4. This razor. Best razor EVER!!! I got a free one in the mail and went out to buy them as soon as I tried it once!

5. Classroom stuff! I love pretty much everything found here. You can't get all this fun stuff at shops in Australia. There are no teacher stores! Imagine! You can order from catalogues if you are a business and have an account but I like to buy some of my own stuff to add to my collection. That's why I just had to order heaps of stuff online. Ah, gotta love online shopping!:)

What are you loving these days?


Visible Voice said...

Love the polaroid. Wish I still had my pink and grey one...actually I bet my Mom does...hmmm.

Richard & Katherine said...

Cute post!
I used to love my polaroid...It was super expensive for film though. Sadly I was young and taking silly pics at a dollar each...