Sunday, July 05, 2009

HMCS Winnipeg

Last week when Carl came to visit, he took us for a tour of the ship he's been living on since February. They were docked in Melbourne for 6 days. We toured the HMCS Halifax years ago with Carl, so it was cool to see another one of the ships. I've been saying how great it would be if Canada could just come to Australia and it did!!! It was AWESOME being on the ship! I forgot I was on the other side of the world...everything was so Canadian!!!

Steve got a chance to steer the ship... got pretty intense!

Just kidding. The ship didn't leave the dock but we did have a very cool tour!

Carl is a helicopter mechanic on the ship. He works on our Canadian Sea Kings. This is where he would do his thing each day.

Check out the animal head on the wall.

The Canada flag was everywhere! I haven't seen one of those in awhile.

They keep a coffin on board, just in case. That would freak me out a little! Brave Canadians to leave their family and friends for so long and fight pirates and all that navy/air force kind of stuff.

Carl snagged me a Canada flag to take home. He figured the Canadian government would understand a sweet little homesick Canadian girl's need to have a flag from home when she lives so far away.

They have mice on board. This little guy didn't make it.


Poor Carl, this is where he sleeps. When I saw this, I suddenly understood why he was so excited to sleep on our airbed.

I liked the Canada patch on the coveralls.

Ahhh...Terry Fox...

Ahhh...Canada Post...


Did you know the chick from this movie is Canadian?

Navy ships from different countries and Theodore Tugboat, of course.

Look! Keiths! Labatt Blue! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Carl was telling us how he had to explain to someone, somewhere on his travels that our flag really is red and white and this is just the camouflage one on the side of the ship.

Carl signing us out...

I had a great time! I got to talk to people with Canuck accents and I even got told by a guy that I didn't sound like a Bridgewater girl. Like how cool is that? He knows what the Bridgewater accent sounds like and he's talking to me in Australia! I love that kind of small world stuff!

Best of all...Carl "borrowed" us a bottle of...wait for it...Cheese Whiz!!!!!!!!!!
I came home right away and had 2 pieces of toast with Cheese Whiz. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Thanks Carl!:)


Visible Voice said...

Umm I did a tour on a ship and I'm pretty sure it was the HMCS Winnipeg. So I was on a ship that went to Australia, that you were just on. Umm..that is almost like we were hanging out in person. For real! Love to see all the Canadian stuff too! I mean I see quite a know...being in Canada and all but it's nice to see a bunch of it all together! I'm glad you enjoyed the cheese whiz. :)

Clotilde said...

I just got a fresh parcel today from my mum with a bunch of flag stickers from Canada, Quebec and l'Acadie.

Once we are done decorating our car, motorcyles and bikes, would you like me to post you some?