Thursday, July 23, 2009

I no longer...

So, I kind of think of this blog as a journal. I've never been very good at keeping up with a journal, even though I've always had the very best of intentions. But, for some reason, I really like blogging and can't see myself not posting when I have a thought or picture to share. Therefore, you guys reading this are blessed (...would that be the word you'd use?) to hear the good, the bad and the sad, depending on what's happening in my world.

Which brings me to my post today...

I've always been a person who's obsessed (yes...I'd use the word obsessed) with personal growth. It's only got worse, as I've got older. I'm always on a quest to find the happiest, most zen me. I read the stupid books listed under "self-help" in the book shop, just cause I actually find a lot of them inspiring. I'm constantly setting goals for myself and making mental lists of things I'd like to work on or change, in hopes of staying on my path to my highest self.

Stay with me, I'm seriously not nuts!!!

Anyhoo...the other day I was reading an interesting article in a health magazine that suggested making a "I no longer" list. Basically a list of things you no longer do, rather than things you want to do or change. I like this idea because it makes you think about all you've accomplished. If you're anything like me, I'm so busy fussing over the big things I want to accomplish, I miss the small steps that are just as important. Or, I'm so busy worrying about the next thing on my mental checklist, I don't give myself credit for what I have done. Steve's always telling me that! So, here's my "I no longer" list...

I no longer...

...constantly tidy my house. I let it get messy and when it starts to stress me out, I remind myself that I've been too busy living to worry about cleaning!

...worry about things I can't change. Seriously! I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting (cough) older, but I really don't worry about silly things anymore! I've had lots of people tell me that you stop worrying so much as you get older...maybe it's true!

...get annoyed at Jesse when he walks over all my paper work and stuff I'm making and stands staring at me with a ball in his mouth. I love that dog and loooooove that he's healthy and happy enough to still want to play with me! I always make time for a "Jeddy pway":) if I think someone doesn't like me. Let's be honest, I don't want to be friends with every single person I meet, why would every single person that meets me want to be my friend? I figure as long as I like me, and I'm not doing anything I regret, then who cares what other people think?

...feel sick and tired all the time. Seriously! I didn't realize how amazing I feel until I started working in daycare again. Wow! What used to kill me and send me home to bed for a 3 hour nap three years ago, now is just a minor bump in the road of my day.

...raise my voice when I'm angry. I don't like it when people do it to me, I don't want to be the person who does it to others. Not that I yelled at many people...this one is more for Steve:)

...feel guilty when I eat something that I shouldn't. I'm doing my best and I deserve to cut myself a break.

I like my list, if I must say so myself! Lately, I've just really appreciated all that I have in my life. I have an amazing husband, a beautiful dog, a loving family, great friends and a job I really like. I feel really at peace and it feels really good! what's on your "I no longer" list?

In other news...

Speaking of great friends, I got this package in the mail today from a person who I couldn't have survived my job at the daycare in Montreal without! Mary Alice, who I like to call MAE, was my partner in crime when I worked at the daycare and good friend. I am so glad we met and got to work together! You're awesome Mae!:)

I'm not sure who gets more excited about parcels, me or Jes. I love, love, love that the tape is Canada flags!!! I smiled as soon as I saw it! blogging wishlist come true!!! Oh, the baking I will do!!!
Jesse was pretty eager to try the goods. Sorry Jes. I love ya but you don't get to try these goodies!

Thanks Mae! You made my day! :)


Anonymous said...

O.K. ~ so what I need to know is how did you get all that crazy worry & stressy stuff behind you? I need a very condensed lesson in how to do that. I am older, and instead of getting better, I am getting worse. I didn't think it was possible, but it seems to be.
See if you can sum it all up and let me know.

Pippy (loonier than ever) CS

Sara said...

We had all the stuff to send you, but it cost almost $100 to mail it, so Mom is just going to buy you the stuff when you come home, and I was suppose to tell you this three months ago....Oops!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cari!

Just wanted to say that I really like your post. You are an awesome person and I'm so glad that we're friends. What can I send you from America that you might like??? Rebellation says that I must send you something! :)