Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love. Love. Love!

Life has been really good lately (not that it's ever bad!), so I thought I'd share a little of what I've been lovin'...

1. Working! Seriously, it's awesome being back at work. I sleep so well at night because I'm exhausted in a good way! My new job is challenging, I'm learning a lot about special needs and it's awesome planning and programming again. One of my favorite things to do for sure...I've missed creating for kids! It's shocking how different it is working in an early childcare centre this time around. Two of the biggest differences are my bosses are awesome and I really respect them. Also, my health is better, which makes such a difference. Getting back into a routine was tough, but I was already feeling in the groove by Friday (the end of my second week). I'm really appreciating the chance to create a program and design a classroom with the freedom to do it my way. It's been very motivating!

2. Our neighbor's car. How cool is this?

3. My laminator and new colored things EVER!

4. Cutting and gluing and making stuff for lesson plans. I spend pretty much all my spare time planning and making stuff for my classroom. It won't always be like this but I have so many ideas rolling around my head and I'm just so eager to make my classroom all it can be! That's why the items mentioned in #3 are so great! They help me create stuff like this...

I devoted this weekend to making interactive felt board stories. I love how they turned out and I had so much fun making them!

One of my favorite books (The Very Hungry Catepillar by Eric Carle) turned into a felt board'll help the kids learn the days of the week, numbers and the life cycle of a catepillar. Plus it'll make for great group time and conversation sharing!:)

I found the templates here if you want to make them too.

5. Steve in his shark pants. Just kidding. You all know how I feel about those things! I'm tired of seeing them! I just liked this picture. This is Steve analysing his training schedule for the next 19 weeks, leading up to the half iron man (or iron person, as I like to call it) he wants to do. I think it must be kind of what Santa thinks when he sits down with his wish list!;)

6. My hemp hand and lip protector from the Body Shop. I don't think I could survive without either! Especially now that I wash my hands about a zillion times a day!

Hope everyone is well!


Sara said...

I am soooooo excited for the templates, I am going to use them in my classroom. Because, my classroom needs alot of help!!!!

Dan said...

I also love the hungry caterpillar any spot the dog book or even better diary of a wombat!