Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Rej and Clo arrived on Friday night and left late Tuesday afternoon. Monday was a holiday here and they took Tuesday off work, for an extra day. Steve also got the day off and we all enjoyed 4 days of...well...this...
...riding the tram.
...watching this guy make this...
...drinking hot chocolate at cute cafes. and checking out the Melbourne fashion.
...seeing hens at the Vic Market. Only $12.50 for one! I seriously would love to have chooks that lay fresh eggs!
...drinking beer with friends.
...goofing around.
...seeing the city sights under rainy grey skies.
...feeding this bushy tailed possum apple.
...eating the best pizza ever!!!
...and more eating. We ate a lot. Great restaurants!
...testing wine at one of the 85 wineries in the Yarra Valley. We visited the oldest vineyard in the Valley. We also did some cheese testing...goat cheese...yum!
...wondering around. Exploring.
...breathing in the beautiful views and smells of the Yarra Valley.

...but mostly just having fun catching up with each other and hanging out.

I wish I had more time to give more details of our fabulous weekend, but we're moving tomorrow!!! It's all happening very quickly and there's a lot left to do! We picked up our keys last night and the mini movers come tomorrow. We'll still have this place until the 23rd but we want to get settled in the new house as soon as possible. I'm still waiting on the papers about my qualification equivalency but I phoned and they said I will have them by the end of this week. That means, hopefully, I'll be working before long!

Moving also means no internet for 20 days, while we wait for them to hook it up. I don't understand how it takes that long to get internet when you move! What ever will I do without internet for 20 days...???

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Visible Voice said...

You know what's fun...commenting on your blog while chatting with you on MSN. HEe hee!