Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Dandenong Ranges

Last Saturday, Steve and I both had an overwhelming urge to get out of the city. We'd had kind of a crappy week and felt like getting away. We took a drive to the Dandenong Ranges and visited a cute little village called Olinda. We had lunch and poked around the little shops. It was very foggy and since you're up in the mountains, the cloud cover was all around. It was pretty cool but very chilly!
We went to one adorable little shop and Steve found a hat he liked and I found a scarf (the most amazing green color!). We decided to grab some lunch and go back for them. We went back about 45 minutes later and they were both sold! What are the chances?! You snooze you lose, I guess! Wasn't meant to be.
We found a little candy shop that had lots of Canadian treats. That's always fun!
Steve got some ginger ale and I went to take a taste and almost gagged. All I can think of is having the stomach flu when I smell or taste ginger ale. My mom always used to give us flat ginger ale when we were sick. Did you guys have that too?
Of course, Mr. Dickinson picked himself up some hot sauce!
We drove through a town called Sassafras (I just love that name for a town!) and stopped in a town called Ferntree Gully. We went to the outdoor market there and bought our fruit and veges for the week. It was really cold! Felt like Canada, for sure!
After our first little adventure outside the city, Steve cooked up some lamb for dinner and we relaxed with a glass of wine. We felt refreshed! It's funny how just getting away for an afternoon can be all you need to pick up your spirits!


Visible Voice said...

yes...yes I had to have the flat ginger ale.

Kat said...

Seems like a nice place to visit.
Yes, I totally associate Ginger Ale with being sick but it's just about the only soda that I ever drink.