Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A taste of home...

I know you're probably getting tired of hearing me say this, but lately I have been feeling a little homesick. I'm really, really hoping I can make a visit happen this year. Cross fingers! I was going through old photos and came across my pictures from one of the last times I visited beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Seriously, who couldn't see these pics and not miss it?
Black-Eyed-Susans. What a name for a flower!
Ah, beautiful wildflowers. One of my favorite things.
The old barn on my Grandmother's farm. Walks through the fields behind it are something I miss too! Nanny's house has always been a place that's easy to relax. Cares just seem to get left at the door here. Perhaps it's the molasses cookies that help melt the stress away!;)
Seriously, it's gorgeous there. You should visit.
There's just something about farm markets (that's markets...not called farmer's markets where I'm from) at home. And, they always serve ice-cream. Grape nut and moon mist ice cream to be exact. Does it get any better than that? I don't think it does.
I miss walking the beach with this lady (my Mom)...xoxo.
Have you heard of the famous 3 churches in Mahone Bay? They are very photographed.
Canada flags!
Such a peaceful place.
Ah, will there ever be a place as sweet as home?:)


MacPurdys said...

I miss home too!! I just found out today that I can get a travel agent rate from Brisbane to LA for 300aud!! But, I still would need to buy 2 tickets for the kids. And Purdy is being too strict with the money! :) So, we're staying put. Keep an eye on VAustralia. They're doing really great fares to the US.

Mariana & Nick said...

Looks very pretty Cari!! I agree with you: there is no place than home ... :)
Hopefully you can go visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that is Mom???

Visible Voice said...

I love all those pictures of home! OH and MOON MIST!!!!!!!!!! Oh even though I'm so allergic...totally gonna have me a moon mist when I go home! I wish you were going when I was :(

Lor said...

We miss you being here as much as you miss being here. Hope you can make it home soon!

Kat said...

Really nice. Looks so peaceful and welcoming...Does anything bad happen there? ;)
I remember how nice everyone was. Duck crossings and all.
You'll get there soon!