Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good News!

I haven't been able to do my regular daily updates because we don't officially have our internet hooked up until the 23rd and the "borrowed" internet that we sometimes use is on and off. My apologies to all the people I owe emails and facebook messages...I'll get caught up once we have our own net!

So...the good news! I received the written notice that I'm officially qualified as an early childhood teacher in the state of Victoria! Now, the job search can really begin! I'm very ready to get back to work and out in the real world again!

The house is going well. We're really getting settled in. Our new neighborhood is beautiful and the people are super friendly! We've already met our neighbors and I've had several chats with people in the park while walking Jesse. I want to post pictures but not until we get our curtains up. I know, I'm a perfectionist!

I've been doing a little gardening. We've had great weather lately, sunny skies with highs at about 14 degrees. Chilly but refreshing and perfect for yard work. The yard has definitely needed a little TLC! I weeded out the front garden yesterday and love the lavender that's growing in it. It smells beautiful when you come to our front door! Unfortunately, I pulled out what I thought was weeds, only to discover they were strawberry plants. I'm not very educated in what's a plant and what's a weed! Lots to learn! It looks like someone at one time put a lot of love into the little garden. I found lots of pretty labels buried in the dirt naming all the plants that were once planted. I also found lots of cigarette butts and beer bottle caps. It's funny to think of all the different kinds of people that have probably rented this house over the years!

Once we have internet again, we'll also have a phone, but until then, I'll post when I can! Hope everyone is happy and well!

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