Friday, June 19, 2009

Guess what we did yesterday?

Go ahead...guess.

Are you thinking?

Did you guess?

Here's a hint...
This is me studying the evening before for what we were about to do.

Did that help?

Got a good guess?

Ah, you'll never guess!

I'll just have to tell you...

Steve and I spent the day getting...wait for it...our motorcycle learner's permit!
Here we are all suited up and ready to go!

I wasn't at all nervous until the bikes actually came out and then I thought I might barf. But, I didn't. Thankfully. That could have been embarrassing!

Steve was a natural and me, well, clearly I still have a lot of country girl in me because I freakin' LOVED it! Once I was actually on the bike, I completely relaxed and enjoyed every moment! I just wished we could ride faster (don't tell my Mom I said that!)! We had an awesome time and the instructors were fantastic! We had to pass a written test and a road test to get it.

We are officially legal to ride on roads and streets, just with a big "L" for learner plastered to the back of the bike. In 3 months we can go back and be tested on the road again and then move up to our probationary license, which is just a normal bike license with conditions (same as when you first get your car license). Then, after a year, we'll hold a normal bike license with no conditions. Not sure when we'll go back to get the probationary license, that will all depend on when we get bikes. We have 15 months to go back.

So, no, we don't have bikes yet, though we have been looking. I need a job first! I do have a job interview today though, so maybe we'll get them sooner than later? Who knows...


Rej said...

Hey ! Good job guys, congrats!

Burke said...

Wow you have to go through hoops to get a motorcycle license in Australia. We just did a weekend class and we were good to go.

The hardest part is holding off from buying a bike. I really didn't do well with that.

Visible Voice said...

hot husband just asked me why i am telling him I'm torturing him with his lack of a bike.

Hot stuff guys!

Love your bedding!

Amy said...

Well done Cari! I tried going on a motorbike at a farm stay in 2005, I didn't enjoy having all the heavy metal under me, I never really felt in control of all that engine power! You and Clo are so brave!!

Clotilde said...

Welcome to the brotherhood of motorcycles! Remember, less brake, more throttle!

Kat said...