Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Share some L O V E !!!!

Since I've been off work and have had the time, I've fallen in love with craft blogs. It's amazing how many talented people live in this world! If I'm having a blah day, all I have to do is browse one of the many inspiring blogs out there and instantly, I feel better!

One of my favorite feel good blogs can be found here. Yesterday, Elsie, the blog creater and crafter/artist extraordinaire held a blog party, where she posted challenges, inspirational art work and even lots of prize give-aways (sadly, I didn't win anything but I'm sure the people who did were thrilled!). I was particularly inspired by this challenge, in which you had to make a small gift or go to a thrift shop (you know how I LOVE those!) with $3 and buy a gift for a friend. Then you had to send that gift to your friend in the mail. I instantly knew who I was going to send my gift to! A very special person, who I am proud to call one of my best friends. She's been feeling a bit uninspired these days and I know she'll appreciate a little snail mail! So, to my fabulous friend in the north (yup, you know who you are!), I'm posting you a little something I made last on the lookout!:)

So, this got me about we all do this? Creating for a special friend feels so good and sending snail mail is just so much fun! Why not make someone's day with a special little surprise? If you send something, let us about it, if you blog. If you receive something, let us about it, if you blog. If you receive a gift and love feeling that loved, why not share that feeling! Pass it on! Get creative and send a gift to someone you care about! Inspire us and a friend! Make someone's day! Smiles are free, let's share them!

The above picture is the quotation that was on A Beautiful Mess (can also be found in the side bar under 'Blogs I Read') yesterday. I just love it and it is currently the quote of the moment on my chalkboard!

Ah, I feel inspired already! :)

Have a wonderful day (or evening, depending on where you live!) !!

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Visible Voice said...

awww this totally makes my day! I'm gonna try to think of something I can do from way up here! I'll get creative in my crazy room of stuff! I can't wait!!!!