Sunday, July 13, 2008

We're still here!

Long time, no posts...I know! No excuses, I've just been plain ole lazy. Here are a few very random things, to help catch you up on what's been going on with us...

Last night Steve and I went on a date. I love doing that! We went for dinner and then to the theatre to see a comedy show called "Busting Out". It's two Australian women and the whole show is about breasts. They are topless for most of it and the tricks they can do with their boobs is shocking! It was super funny and we both really enjoyed it. I got the tickets after a couple of people that I work with said that it was well worth seeing. I didn't tell Steve what we were going to see, but he ended up really liking it. The women in it were very talented, funny (in a crude humour sort of way) and entertaining (they could really sing!). The whole show was very clever...I honestly wonder how they even thought to ever do the things they do with their "jugs", as they referred to them!! If you're in Brisbane, I'd suggest seeing it, very fun! I think it plays for the rest of July.
In other news, our $30 washer that we bought from a friend of a guy that Steve works with, when we first got here, died. Well, it didn't actually stop working but the drum started rusting and thus left rust stains on our clothes. Not good, but we can't complain seeing as it's been a year and a half and it did only cost us 30 bucks! We got this spanky front end washer, which has made doing laundry quite fun again (I know, I'm a geek!) and it saves water which is good for here in Brisvegas (no idea why they call it that, but they do!).

We had a little girls night out for drinks last weekend. I thought this picture was kind of cute, so I'm posting it! Taken in the bathroom, or "toilet" as they rudely refer to it here!
We organized a little breakfast in the park this morning. We kind of thought about it last minute yesterday, but had a good turn out considering. There were about 13 adults and 2 kiddies and lots of food. I cannot believe that I didn't take a single picture!!!! I have learned from this and swear to photograph any major or even minor events more in future!!! I love breakfast in the park! Breakfast is just great and then breakfast in the park is just even greater. Great!:)
And that's it for now...geesh, we've been a wee bit boring! Saving money for Melbourne and counting the days until we go...not next weekend, but the next weekend!
Hope all is well with everyone! Miss you all!


Kristie said...

your washer is spanky? of course laundry if fun again when you have a spanky washer. (do you really call things spanky???)

Drennans said...

I've just recently started liking doing laundry. I mean I HATED it...and I bet if I had a spanky washer I'd love it even more.

Brianna said...

I'm glad to hear you are still alive, and having fun (doing laundry). hehe.