Sunday, July 13, 2008

51 weeks ago today.....

I entered my first running race.... Next Sunday I'm running the same 10km race. The Jetty to Jetty is where it all started, the hopes, the dreams, the inner leg chaffing after a hard long run.

In the pic to the left I just finished the race with a time of 56 minutes, It was only the second time I ran that far. A few things have changed over the last 51 weeks, I'm 20 pounds lighter (I'm 206 pounds in this pic) I've run 10km distances dozens of times, and I now wear a 32 waist jean (I wore a 36 back then).

Getting ready for this race has been a little frustrating. First off I hurt my lower back getting a little over zealous on my rower. I love my rower, and in the short time I've had it I've seen some really good results. But the rower needs to be respected, and you need to build up a good base before you start going harder. Just when I thought my back was getting better I slipped off my front steps and really hurt may back, and my chest.....Fun times. So training has been really off and on over the last 2 weeks. My goal for this race is to finish under 50 minutes, I'd be a real happy camper if I could get under 48 minutes.

Also today I ordered a new pair of Brooks running shoes...this is a big step for me, I've been a really big fan of Adidas and usually if I find something I like I stay with it forever (thats right Cari, you have me FOREVER!) So I broke with tradition and gots myself a new pair of runners...


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Drennans said...

did you ever think that this would become your new passion?? smokin!