Monday, July 21, 2008

Race Day

The Jetty to Jetty race has once again come and gone. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, perfect day for a race. I wasn't feeling the best that morning, to be honest I felt like a bucket of butt, but I was looking forward to the run. This year they were offering a half marathon option, it was tempting but I decided to stay with the 10km distance. I did the same race last year and was looking forward too seeing how much my 10km time would improve over a year. And what an improvement it was. I was hoping for a 10km time of 48 minutes, to my delight I finished with a time of 47:15, with an average pace of 4:35 a kilometer. I was very happy. Last year's time was 56:06, so I shaved off almost 10 minutes. 47:15 is a new personal best for my 10km time.

Random pelican...I'll name him Pete...

Random dog....I'll name him Jesse

Random guy in shark pants.....I'll name him Steve

Where's Steve? Hint.....look for the red hat....

Me trying to convince my heart not to stop.....I was able to this time, but it warned me that this may be the last time.

Dan and Amy also ran in the Jetty to Jetty Race. They opted for the 5km run. They're both doing the Bridge to Brisbane 10km race at the beginning of September, so this was a good chance to get a little taste of what to expect. Here's Dan rocking across the finish line with a 5km time of 22:32....

Amy coming in with a 5km time of 26:22.

Group photo.... We're all happy and smiles now, but I'm also doing the Bridge to Brisbane race in Sept so they'll become competition. 3 of us will start, but only 1 will finish....wa hahahahhahahahha

I was asked to leave for this photo because I smelled like an anchovy's butt.

Steve (sore as) Dickinson


MacPurdys said...

Congrats on the race Steve!! Well done!!

Drennans said...

I'm sure you did stink...I really can smell you from here. For real. Way to be all active and stuff!

George said...

Nice!Way to kick your previous PB like an "anchovy`s butt"

Well done.