Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Melbourne...Day 4

On Monday, we set the alarm bright and early and headed off to the airport at 7:30 am. We arrived to see the longest line EVER at the check in. Seriously, it was INSANE. It was about a 3 hour wait and we started stressing about getting on our 9:15 am flight. We waited, ate a McDonald's breakfast in line, waited, chatted with the people around us about how insane the line was, waited some more and then finally got called by the airline staff saying that anyone going to Brisbane on the 9 am flight should come ahead to check in. We started thinking it was a little fishy that our 9:15 am flight was now a 9 am flight and it seemed extra weird that it wasn't the same flight number aaaaand strangely enough, our flight number wasn't even listed. I asked the Virgin Blue girl about it and she said that the flight number and time had probably just changed. Fair enough...except that then I checked our itinerary print out a little closer and discovered that Steve had in fact booked us on a 9:15 pm flight. Yup, a whole day until we actually left Melbourne. 12 more hours of Melbourne fun to be had! Steve felt bad, but I think it was meant to be that way. We got to explore a couple of the places that we didn't have a chance to get to and we did eventually make it back to Brisbane, safe and sound on an evening flight. The $50 cab ride to the airport that morning and the $32 bus ride back to the city and then back to the airport later that night was a bit of a bummer but hey, it happens, right? On a positive note, we were able to check our suitcase in the morning, which meant not having to lug it around all day, like we would have had to do if we knew we were on a late flight. Check out at the hotel was 11 am, so we would have had to drag it behind us for the whole day! We got a little Melbourne rain on Monday afternoon, but it didn't last long and luckily, we had kept our umbrellas on us!

We went to the an area called the Docklands, did a little walk around and then hopped on the City Circuit tram and saw parts of the city we hadn't yet seen.
Train Station...There's a lot of public transport in Melbourne.

We also went to Smith Street on the tram. I had been told that there were a lot of sports store outlets along that street and there were! Some great deals, but unfortunately limited sizes.

Our flight back was a breeze (I had the nicest girl sitting beside me!) and it was nice to be home and snuggling in our own cozy bed! Melbourne is an awesome city to visit, but I think the small town girl in me likes living in the smaller, more outdoorsy city of Brisbane. I do look forward to doing another visit there someday soon though!

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Brianna said...

Your Melbourne pictures make me sooooo jealous :) I wish I'd spent more time there. What a beautiful city, and a lovely getaway for you two!!