Monday, February 08, 2010

Not quite how I planned...

So I took Friday off work for the camping trip and today (Monday) off work to get a few things done. This was my 'To Do' list for today:

` Update my style file for the style file course I'm taking
` Finish the inspiration boards for my style file course
` Clean bathroom
` Do laundry
` Catch up on emails
` Mail Valentine's Day cards to Canada (already way late!)
` Walk Jes
` Go to bank and open my own account
` Get groceries

This is what I actually got done:

` Forced myself out of bed at 2:50 pm
` Took a shower and changed into new pajamas
` Managed to keep some Rice Bubbles and a piece of toast in my tummy, but not without a lot of effort
` Snuggled back into bed and did this post

Yep, you guessed it, I caught Steve's flu and I really wish that the third thing down on my original 'To Do' list would have been something I did yesterday before I got sick. Is there anything worse than a smelly toilet when you're already sick? Ick.


MacPurdys said...

Hey guys,

Totally sucks that you missed out on your first camping trip. But, I'm sure there will be lots more.

Hope you're both feeling better soon!

Shan said...

Get well soon, Care! XO

heather said...

hope you feel better soon..xo

Anonymous said...

Hope you both feel better. At least you didn't get sick at the same time. Would have been very rough trying to get home if that had happened.

Take good care,

Love Pippy CS