Saturday, February 06, 2010


I seem to be extra excited for Valentine's Day this year. I'm really looking forward to making some V'day crafts with the kiddies this coming week and I'm planning a little party in honor of the day on Friday in my classroom.
I made some heart decorations for the windows in our living room. I tried to find the place where I originally found the idea for these hearts but couldn't seem to locate it. My apologies if this happened to be your work and I didn't give you credit! It was a brilliant idea!:)

They are made using magazine pages and thread and look especially pretty during the day when the sun shines through them. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't photograph that well! I've also just finished painting my toes pink for the week to come. Lots of fun! What fun stuff are you doing for Valentine's Day? Any special plans with your special Love?:)

You might be wondering how it is that I'm blogging when I'm not meant to be back from camping until tomorrow night. Well, our camping trip didn't exactly go as planned, with Steve getting a reeeeeally bad stomach flu. We got to the campsite around 5 pm last night and Steve started getting sick around 1 am. We left 7:30 this morning for the 4 hour drive home. Poor Steve. It was a rough ride! I did manage to get a few pictures of our short stay, so I'l post those tomorrow. It was a really beautiful place. We will definitely need to go back and try the whole camping thing again!


Anonymous said...

We are making crayon shaving hearts - find them at
and heart bunting!

Best wishes to Steve

x (Dan's Mum)

Sara said...

Can you call Granny. She is wondering why she hasn't talked to you.

Visible Voice said...

They look pretty. I remember seeing them too but I don't remember where either. I'm a ba humbug again. I think I'm just getting sick of the winter and this place. Maybe I'll feel more festive this week.

Clotilde said...

Hope Steve feels better soon!

Love the hearts. On the first pictures it almost looks like there is snow on your car and on the ground, funny!

Hopefully I'll be really close to having a baby on V-day, so no plans for us, except maybe bake some heart-shaped cookies with my new cookie-cutter!

Mad Serenity said...

You are so stinkin crafty! LOL! It's adorable....

Remember in Gr. 9 math class? I'm trying to remember the story but specifics fail me. You would say the word "stress" ? Wasn't it a made up word though? Help me out LOL