Sunday, February 07, 2010

Grampians National Park

Like previously posted, our camping trip at the Grampians National Park was cut short due to Steve getting sick, but the time that we did spend there was really impressive and quite fun, up until the vomiting every hour started! The scenery was truly breathtaking and definitely worth the 4 hour drive from Melbourne. We'll be going back soon to finish the trip and get in some of the many amazing sounding hikes.
I snapped these pics on the drive up the very steep road leading the campground where we stayed (Smith's Mill).

Steve liked the windy, steep drive on the way there. Not sure he liked the windy road as much on the way home, with a barf bag in his lap!
Steve and I haven't camped just the two of us since Canada and we were both really disappointed when we didn't get to stay. What are the chances that Mr. Never Gets Sick, gets sick on this weekend?! Geesh.
There wasn't a fire ban and they had real fire pits...yeah! We asked about firewood and they told us to just collect it from the bush. That always seems so strange to us, since you're not supposed to do that in Canada.
We saw several wallabies and roos. I was hoping to see a wombat, but we weren't there long enough. Perhaps, next time...
Campfire dinner. Bliss.
Dinner was great, although Steve doesn't think he'll be eating sausage again anytime soon!
Cockatoos. They make the best worst sound ever!
Bush fires burned the area a few years ago, leaving the trees black and some of the signs damaged.
A Friday evening stroll looking for wood.
"Line Up Four" or "Connect 4" as we North Americans say. I kicked Steve's butt!
By far, one of my all time favorite things...sitting by the fire, chatting and roasting marshmallows. I brought some back from Canada, so it was perfect!

I hope to return again soon for camping - part 2. Steve is feeling much better tonight but has had a really rough weekend. I'm hoping I don't get it. Fingers crossed!

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Skate said...

I love the Grampians. I can't wait for you to go back there and capture even more of the glorious wildlife. I think the flowers are really special. But, they're often tiny and easy to miss if you're hiking too fast.

I hope you and Steve feel better soon!