Sunday, February 07, 2010

Australian Open 2010

A couple of weekends ago, Steve and I went to watch some tennis with Dan, Amy and their lovely friend, Meaghan. Not only did we have a great time catching up with Dan and Amy, but we both really enjoyed watching the tennis.
Amy and my yummy drink:)
Aussies take their tennis quite seriously. It was intense at times and really interesting to watch!
Australian fans.
We saw Lleyton Hewitt play Marcos Baghdatis. Hewitt won because Baghdatis forfeited due to an injury.

We also saw a female match between Wozniacki and Peer. A good match.
Man, you have to be seriously fit to be a tennis player! Some of their serves reach 200 km an hour! Imagine returning that?!

We were really glad to get to experience a bit of the Australian Open. Thanks to Dan and Amy for inviting us to join them! It kind of inspired me to think about playing some tennis again. I think it would be great exercise!


Visible Voice said...

Do your Aussie friends know what a star Tennis player you once were?

George said...

Yup. It`s true. Back in the day a certain young lady was the rising start of the Bridgewater tennis circuit.

This is so funny. This past week Chelsea told me she wanted to take tennis lessons. I mentioned that her Aunt was quite the player at her age and wondered if Cari ever thought of returning to the sport.