Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 Things...Just for Fun!

5 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

- going out tonight to the jazz bar to watch one of the girls I work with sing...she's fabulous!
- Valentine's Day!
- Steve's Mom and Aunt's visit next month!
- Autumn! I've decided I much prefer Melbourne when it's cooler...I'm over summer!
- Joining yoga again

5 Things I Did Yesterday:

- made Valentine's Day crowns and cards with the children in my class
- threw a Valentine's Day party for the kiddies and gave them way too much sugar...cookies, cupcakes and red cordial (red for Valentine's Day, of course!)
- wore my new red dress to work in honor of the festive day:)
- met Steve downtown for dinner and a glass of wine
- did a bit of shopping for Stevo, with no success...he's quite fussy that boy!

5 Things I Wish I Could do:

- knit
- sing well!
- fly my whole family to Australia for visits!
- live right on the beach!
- clean my house by just wiggling my nose:)

5 Places I’d Like to Travel To:

- Africa!!!!
- Uluru, Australia
- Europe
- New Zealand
- Cambodia

5 Cute things I've found online lately:

- I haven't really found any specific cute things online lately, as I haven't had a lot of chance to look! I have recently found lots of new blogs that I love though! Here's 5 of my newest favorites...

And just one more...

Okay, so it's your turn! :)

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Visible Voice said...

Loved this! May try to do one up! Still gonna buy a skype phone....just sayin'!