Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday Mega Storm!!!!!

So we get a call from the Rej and Clo Sunday morning, wondering if we wanted to hit the beach, we say sure, they say "word" and off we go to Bribie Island. The day is hot, the water is warm and the dog is annoying the hell out of us at the beach.. Perfect Sunday.
Oh but wait, a storm is a comin'.
We were expecting rain, a lot of rain, but what we got was a once in a 25 year shit storm. Hail, high winds and a ton of rain. I've never seen anything like it before, and lucky us, we got to experience most of it while driving on highway.
I messed up the post so the pics are out of order, above was one of the big thunder heads that rolled in.
The storm is over the city and heading North. Very dark sky.
The beach was great, Jesse even made a friend, "Cookie"
Cookies' mom...
Time for a drink

We took these videos while driving.
We didn't realize how bad the storm was until we got home and looked at the news. Houses were destroyed, cars crushed by trees and 4cm hail stones. The Gap (the neighborhood that Rej and Clo live in) was one of the hardest hit areas, most of the roads are blocked by fallen tress and downed power lines. 2 days later and Rej and Clo still don't have power. Brisbane has been declared a disaster zone and the army was called in to help clean up and clear roads. Crazy.


Drennans said...

Holy cow it's like Juan in a way! I hope things get better and your friends get their power back!

Clotilde said...

Thanks for posting pictures Cari. We could see a bit better than on your video through our windshield on Sunday. You guys might want to consider coating your windshield with RainX, that stuff works!

We got the power back on Wednesday afternoon. We were out for almost three days. We are now trying to dry our house by running the A/C. And we are carpet-shopping. And washing a lot of towels and rags. Some pictures of The Gap on our blog.