Thursday, November 20, 2008

Storm #2

So after the crazy storm that we had on Sunday night (the one Steve previously posted about), we got hit with insane rain and strong winds in the middle of the night last night. According to the news, we received 220 mm of rain, 100 of which fell in only one hour. I'm a pretty sound sleeper and the rain woke me up at about 1:30 am. It sounded like it was going to come right through the roof! Absolute crazy rain. I have never seen it rain that hard. That's when we discovered that our entire yard and the whole area under our house was flooded, including our storage room and the washer which was under a bit of water. I now understand why our house is on stilts. We would have been screwed if it wasn't. It was like a river running through the yard! Lots of people had flash flooding all over the place (homes and cars) and roads and highways are still closed tonight due to flooding. It's especially sad for the people who had just started to get their homes back to normal from the flooding on Sunday night and were then hit again. I'm wondering if it's safe to say the drought is over...?


Clotilde said...

Impressive video. Must have been cold for the feet. Youse are brave to even turn on the lights with your feet in water like that!

Anonymous said...

If you come into contact with flood water, wash your feet and hands with soap. Sewerage and chemicals may be found in flood water.


Kat said...