Thursday, November 06, 2008


Just in case anyone is wondering how my running is going (you may recall me posting about starting it a couple months ago), I officially ran a full 5 km tonight! Steve came with me and tracked the distance with his heart rate monitor. He helped me find a great 5 km route that goes all along the Brisbane river. Now the goal is to get faster and stronger at that loop. For now though, I'm pretty happy with my first full 5 km run. I got a bit tired at the end but felt good the whole way, even on the hills! Now it's off to shower and then wrap a couple of Christmas presents!! Yup gotta start early when you're mailing stuff to Canada! :)


Anonymous said...

Cari Anna Elaine ~ you should be very proud of yourself! That is really something!!!

How's that for Lun.County talk? Ain't that something??


Drennans said...

You're awesome!!! That's quite the accomplishment! Very inspiring!