Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random weekend happenings...

Friday evening we had my work Christmas party. It was a costume party, of course, as that seems to be the case with Christmas parties in Brisbane. Anyway, the theme was "what you want to be when you grow up" and since I only ever wanted to be a teacher (except for that short time when it was my dream to work at the grocery store), I decided to just do something silly. I settled on a tacky 80s version of Miss Universe and Steve pulled together a last minute biker dude. It was amazing how hard it was to find a cheap tacky 80s dress! I went to 9 thrifts shops before I found this one for $15. I seriously miss Frenchys! Anyway, we went lawn bowing, which is something I have wanted to try since we moved here. It's very big here, not like in Canada where just old people seem to play. I found it pretty boring and I was pretty bad at it. Might not play again until I'm old. Steve was quite good though and he seemed to enjoy it. The costumes at the party were all really good...everyone got really into it!
Miss Universe, a plumber and a fireman.
Trophy wife, Fireman and Miss Universe.
And us again...
Sarah Palin, a pirate and again the fireman.
Nurse and trophy wife.
A little kid and a gypsy.

A pilot.
An old retired man. He really got into character and won first prize for the best costume. He spent the night collecting empty beer bottles in his cart.
A ballerina and Barbie. That's just a few of them, but they really were all well put together!
It was a fun night!

Saturday, I decided I wanted to plan nothing. We always have the busiest weekends, even when we say we'll have a quiet one. So, this time I stuck to the plan and it was great! We just putted around the house, did some cleaning and lots of laundry...10 loads! It's amazing how behind you get when it doesn't stop raining, you don't have a dryer and your laundry area is flooded! Phewf! Luckily, our washer held up and still works! Here's a little of else we did when we weren't eating yummy food and napping (it really was a pretty chilled out weekend!)...
Steve worked on making a fence for Jesse. The bamboo one that we put up a year ago took a serious beating in the storms, so Steve is replacing it with a wood fence. It'll be way better, as we'll be able to open and close it and since we just signed a lease for another year here, it's worth the effort. We have the fence so that when Jesse is here by himself and he's outside, he can't get to the front yard.
Steve did a great job! Can't wait until the whole thing is finished!
While he did the fence, I finished my Christmas wreath for the front door. I think I'm obsessed with wreaths made of fabric! They are so much fun to make. There's something strangely relaxing about doing it.
I also worked on making a Christmas card holder thing, so I'm all ready for getting Christmas cards in the mail;) I'll show you what it looks like when I'm done...
I also did a little gardening. I really like the planting part, it's the whole keeping them alive after that I'm terrible at. Hopefully these last because they look really pretty. I did quite a few pots.
I picked flowers that reminded me of home. Nothing too tropical, just your basic marigolds and petunias.

And that's it. I feel very rested and relaxed. Back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone else had a super weekend too!


Skate said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend! Your wreath is very pretty. What a great theme for a costume party. I know what you mean about the washing! We're capitalizing on the windy weather today to run through as many loads as possible. :)

Drennans said...

Look at you...all doing stuff and stuff round the house! Fun! Cute costume! I missed Frenchy's too when we were getting ready for halloween. Other couples spent couple hunderd dollars on their costumes...just can't justify it. Though $15 is still pretty good! That could be a good something for next years halloween!

George said...

" store..."

I beg to differ. I seem to recall a certain young lady decided a checkout girl at Zellers was the prefered choice of employment.....LOL.


Kat said...

There always seems to be a theme to the parties that you go to!
Great costume cari :)
I love your wreath too. xox