Sunday, August 03, 2008

Random Happenings

Here's a little of what happened around our house this weekend...

This isn't new news but I'll still share since I was reminded of it again this morning. Our dog is unbelievably spoiled but oh, so cute! I woke up to him all snuggled with us on the bed (which I love!) and came back to find him like this after I went to the bathroom...What a snuggle bum! He's been much more cuddly lately (like in the last 6 months or so), I think because he's getting older and he spends a lot more time on the bed at night, I think because it's so cold in our house! It works for all of us...he helps keep us warm too!
Steve and I headed off to Ikea on Saturday to buy some stuff that I needed to organize my sewing/crafting room. I just love Ikea! It has everything you need and is just such a fun place to explore! It wasn't even that busy, surprisingly, considering we went on a weekend. I'm really happy with how everything has a place now and it's all easy to find and use. I also made a cover for my sewing machine, which makes it look much nicer and more tidy when I'm not using it. Now, I'm looking forward to starting the long list of things on my to-do list to make!
This colorful guy stopped by for a visit in our garden today...not sure what he is (some kind of beetle, I'm guessing) but he was pretty and stood out quite nicely against our aloe plant...
And...lastly, the biggest news is that I got a bike! I've been wanting one forever (okay, well since we moved here) and yesterday when we went to Ikea, we popped in the sport store to have a look and saw this one. Steve and I have both been planning to get bikes and have been shopping around for one that's in our price range and still suits fussy Steve. He's quite picky about what he wants (even for my bike!) but this one passed his test and it was on sale...bonus! I really like it! It's comfortable to ride and it's red;) This morning Steve went on a 12 km run (Side note: Can I just say how impressed I am with his running?! That's the first time I've seen him run, you know other than when he first leaves or comes back, and it was pretty hot!) all around the river and I biked with him. It was so much fun! I can't wait for Steve to get his bike, so we can go riding together! I'm thinking my legs and bum might be a bit sore tomorrow! I think the last time I rode a bike was when I was 10...maybe 12...?
Steve wanted me to post these pictures...he's impressed with what we got for the I said, I don't know much about bikes, but it's comfy, so I'm happy!
Other than that, we had a pretty relaxed weekend. Hope everyone else did too!


Drennans said...

OH friend you always inspire me! Love love your sewing room...looks so inspiring to be in. Love the pics on the wall! I was just looking in the Ikea magazine just a few minutes ago and dreaming of all the things I want to get when I move out isolation. I think it's my goal in life to get posted to where I can easily drive (like two hours or less) to Ikea so that I can just shop there when I want. I'm pretty jealous! So excited for you about the bike. Of course he's picky...cyclesmith will do that to a person. I'm getting a new bike too. I haven't wanted one since I was a kid but Manitoba is so flat I totally think I can do it now ha ha ha ha! Remind me to tell you how I'm getting one sometime...hee hee!

Brianna said...

Cari your sewing room looks amazing! I love it! Great colors and very organized! I especially love the curtains you made.

And I love the picture of Jesse in the bed. How cute is that!

George said...

NICE! Sis on a bike.....sweet. Great idea as well....Steve runs and you cycle. A win win.

Is it a Jamis? I was trying to make out the name on the downtube. If so you made a good choice. Jamis bikes are awesome, both the MTB and Road lines.

Cari - go get yourself a good quality pair of cycling shorts. It will make the cycling experience so much nicer. Most manufacturers like Louis Garneau, Nike and Sugoi make women specific clothing so a nice jersey will also help manage that Aussie heat and humidity.It`s designed to wick off perspiration that then keeps you cooler.

Ride on!