Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mountain Biking!!!

Well, Saturday morning I got up and decided Cari couldn't be the only one with a bike. I had to go get one myself.... Actually I've been looking at bikes for the last few months, so I had a couple in mind. Off I went, 6 bike shops later I finally found a bike that I deemed worthy....and one that was in my price range. Below is my new ride, an Avanti Aggressor. So far I love it. Cari and I went for a quick ride along the water front that evening....

Avanti Aggressor
We met up with Dan and Amy Sunday morning for a ride near Rej and Clo's place. Rej and Clo left that morning for a weeks vacation at a resort near Cairns, so they didn't come with us. Above are our bikes in the back of the Yaris.
At the Trail, bikes ready to go.
Cari taking a break.
Dan and Amy having a quick snack on the trail, they headed back after this pic, Amy hurt her leg last week and it was really bothering her.
Action shot! Man I was impressed with my wife, she did awesome. She was always up for trying something new and if she couldn't get it she would go back and try it again.
More Action! I love my bike and she loves me...
Cari doing the same drop I did in the pic above. This was her second time going down it, the first time she did she cleared it no problem but she had to stop a few meters past to avoid hitting a tree, so she tried again. She cleared it fine and made it down, but unfortunately she jammed on her front brake to slow down thinking it was her back brake, causing her to go over the front of the bars....Disaster!
Cuts and Blood on her legs and hands.
Close up...mmmmmmm. I thought this would be the end of the ride....but no, after a couple of tears a little water and a 5 minute rest, I said lets head back to the car, and she's like "why?, lets do the rest of the trail".... This is why I love her. So we finished the rest of the trail, Cari did some more drops, this time only using her back brake. I got to say the single track at this place is awesome. It's all really well maintained by local mountain bike groups and it shows. Awesome place to ride.


George said...

LOL.....nice bike Steve. I figured you were due for one soon.Check out the local bike/tri scene for an offroad duathlon. Should be right up your alley.

Nice work Cari. As for the tumble we all do it. I guess it`s a cycling rite of passage. Falling is a fine art so if you can do it well you remain relatively unhurt...cept the the road/trail rash.

Work it though.....might get a new pair of shoes out of the


Drennans said...

I love that about Cari...she is always up for new things! Sweet ride steve.

Carl Martens said...

Love the fact that you were able to pack two bikes into such a small space...that pic rocks!

Kat said...

Cari + Woods = DANGER

This event triggers a memory.

Member when the tree almost killed you at Angel Woods? Remember your poor foot and flip flop? Every time I see a fallen tree, I think of you.

It wouldn't be Cari unless there was some sort of blood and pain...;)

Cari...You always move forward though, with much determination!

Miss you.