Saturday, October 04, 2008

What do you eat in 8 hours?

Well, I wont eat all of this in eight hours, but I'll come pretty close. Tomorrow I'm racing in an 8hr mountain bike endurance event called "8hr Enduro" ( ) Basically the idea is to do as many laps as you can in 8 hours. The track is 11km long, which includes single track and fire road. I'm going to drive up today and ride the course so I know what to expect come tomorrow.
My only goal is to ride the whole 8 hours (minus stopping to refill water and to grab a quick bite of food) I don't give a rats ass what place I come in. The weather is calling for a high of 32 which is going to suck, but there should be a decent breeze.

I did a pretty decent 2 hr ride last weekend and brought along my GPS and my heart rate monitor. The GPS told me how far I rode and the time it took me to ride it, and the heart rate monitor gave me an idea of how many calories I burned. All that info has given me a good idea of how much food I need to take in each hour and how many km an hr I can expect to ride. I have a quiet goal of doing 100km in 8 hours, which would be 9 ish laps of the course.

Steve (calling in sick on Monday) Dickinson

Update...... Just got back from the course for a test run. Its an awesome trail, did the 11 km track in 40 minutes so I've set a new goal of 12 laps which would be about 132km, it will be an ambitious goal! The land is owned by a family about 50 minutes north of Brisbane, they have 100 horses on 900 acres. The horses have all the land for themselves, they are being penned up while the race is on but there might be a few still out and about.
Lots of narrow and fast single track, a few climbs, but nothing to major. Lots of spots to pass people and at one point you ride around a small lake which will be nice to jump into around the 5hr mark. All and all I was very impressed and had a blast riding the one lap.
Wish me luck.


Rej said...

Ewww, you're gonna eat that plant !
I don't think you'll get much energy from that.

Good luck man

The Dickinsons said...

If you look to the left of the plant there's small dead cock roach...mmmmmmmm
I'm saving him for when I get home, have him with a cracker and a slice of cheese!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck!